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01 Sep 2016
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Orchid care
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  The beauty of orchids

With their exotic appearance and bright colours, orchids are one of the most popular houseplants in the UK. Plus if it’s a unique look you’re after, they’re ideal because there are over 25,000 different varieties to choose from. That’s why, this month, we’re celebrating orchids with our annual Orchid Festival from 16th to 30th of September, with talks by Peter White, President of the British Orchid Growers Association. For more information on what’s happening at the Festival, click here.



Orchid trivia 
- Orchids are found on every continent except Antarctica

- The flavour vanilla is extracted from a species of orchid

- Phalaenopsis, or ‘moth’ orchids, are one of the most popular orchid varieties because they’re sturdy, resilient and one of the easiest to keep looking their best

- Orchid enthusiast Tom Hart-Dyke, who has given inspirational talks at Millbrook as part of our Millbrook Growers programme, was held captive for 9 months in the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia while hunting for rare orchids.


Things to consider when buying an orchid

- Buy a plant that’s already in flower. Then you’ll know exactly what colour and shape the flower is. Plus, it can take up to 5 years for an orchid to bloom from a seedling.

- Different orchids need different temperatures, so think about where you will be keeping your orchid and choose a variety that suits that environment.

- How good are you at watering plants? Some orchids like to be moist at all times, while others prefer almost dry soil between waterings. 

- Choose a pot that fits the orchid because most actually like being pot-bound.

See below for information on how to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid.


  Orchid offers for September for Millbrook family members

Buy Select range Phalaenopsis, £12.99 and get a FREE orchid cover pot worth £4.99

Buy 2 get 1 free Growth Technology Orchid Myst/ Orchid Focus GROW/ Orchid Focus BLOOM 300ml (£4.99 each)

25% off Growth Technology Orchid Focus Repotting Mix 10l, was £7.99, now £5.99.

PLUS FREE re-potting in-store during our Orchid Festival (16th to 30th September)


  The Millbrook Orchid Festival 

Come along to our Orchid Festival this September. Marvel at our stunning tropical and vibrant displays. Be inspired by their sheer elegance and take the chance to learn more about this fascinating bloom with orchid expert Peter White. No booking necessary. 
Peter will holiding talks at:
Millbrook Staplehurst: Friday 16th September, 11am to 11.40am and 2pm to 2.40pm 
Millbrook Gravesend: Saturday 17th September, 11am to 11.40am and 2pm to 2.40pm
Millbrook Crowborough: Sunday 18th September, 11am to 11.40am and 2pm to 2.40pm.




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