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Spilling the beans - a day in the life of a Garden Centre owner

You may be surprised to learn that on a busy Easter weekend, the Managing Director of Millbrook can be found out on the shop floor sharing her passion for plants with staff and customers - whilst clocking up a few steps on the pedometer!
In the third part of her new blog, Spilling the beans, Tammy reflects on a visit to a French nursery and compares and contrasts it to Millbrook. Are customers looking for choice, or quality? Can we deliver both?!
Life as the Managing Director of a family-run Garden Centre is surprisingly varied. Whilst business blooms at the start of the gardening season, Tammy is off seeking out hotels and coach companies for an international event taking place in 2019, read on to find out more in the second part of our her new blog, Spilling the beans...
In the first of a new series, each week Millbrook Garden Company's Managing Director Tammy Woodhouse will be giving us an insight into her life as the MD of family-run Millbrook Garden Company. She'll be giving you a peek into her garden, an insight into her travels to some of the best garden centres in the world, her inspirations and discoveries from buying trips as well as the challenges of running three sites (Gravesend, Crowborough and Staplehurst) and the exciting plans for the future of th
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