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The Garden Shop

Spilling the beans - a day in the life of a Garden Centre owner

This week, Tammy focuses on the Star of Christmas, the festive red poinsettia! Find out where ours come from and how to keep them alive over the Christmas period.
This week our MD visits Gozo, Malta, and is shocked to discover that hunting birds is legal and rife on the island. What can you do to help? Raise awareness of and campaign against the shooting and trapping of birds in Gozo, while taking extra care of our own feathered friends. Read on below to find out how...
This week we hear from Kirsty, our very talented Designer. She creates all the images you will see in our Centres, on our website and on our printed material. She has a vested interest in the company and a varied role as she is not just the designer but also a director being Tammy's sister!
Yes I know our Christmas decorations have been out since August but now I think we can officially say that Christmas is well and truly on its way!
Today is an important day for us at Millbrook, after years of planning, phase one of our Gravesend Development is complete. On what is a very busy day, Tammy takes off her hard hat for a moment to reflect on this first milestone.
Recruiting the right staff is crucial to any business and wouldn't it be even better if we could grow our own? But unfortunately it's not always that easy as Tammy has been discovering...