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The Garden Shop

Spilling the beans - a day in the life of a Garden Centre owner

No two days are the same for Tammy... this week her and Head Buyer, Dan, have been delivering a gourmet BBQ workshop lunch to budding BBQ enthusiasts.
Following a recent visit to Disneyland Paris, Tammy talks about the importance of excellent customer service and the Millbrook mission of Growing Smiles...
Tammy takes a moment to appreciate the results of her efforts in her own garden and highlights some of her favourite plants but, like every gardener, says there's always work to be done!
This week Tammy joins Marketing Manager Liz Dowling to deliver 120 random acts of kindness!
In the latest in the Spilling the Beans blog series, Tammy looks at why the greencafes are so important to both customers and the business at Millbrook and the plans for expansion at Gravesend.
Living in the UK, it was only a matter of time before the weather crept into this blog! Tammy talks about how unusual weather patterns have affected both plants and plant-buying in the business...
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