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The Garden Shop

Gravesend Development

We're pleased to announce that we're planning an exciting new development at our Gravesend Garden Centre. The plans have been submitted to the Planning Office we have the consent and we're well underway.

The plan is to create a new 280 seater restaurant overlooking the plant area. The space will be double height in places with floor to ceiling windows creating a light filled space perfect for enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch or snack. 

  Phase One is now complete and Swallows Aquatics have moved into their lovely new building. 

  Phase Two is well underway and the building which will house our new restaurant is taking shape. This building will also feature fantastic areas for meetings and events. Once this is complete, we will be extending the Garden Centre enabling us to provide a bigger and better product range to help you grow your garden.

Videos of the progress being made on site can be seen below, along with copies of the proposed drawings , if you have any questions about the development, please email us at

Find out all about the development work in this intro video from Millbrook's Managing Director, Tammy Woodhouse

August 2017 - Phase One - The building of the new Swallows Aquatics Building is well underway... click on the video below to see how it's done

November 2017 - Phase Two
- Work begins on the foundations for the new restaurant

5th December 2017 - Phase Two  - 8 lorry loads of concrete arrive on site to form the base of the new restaurant, see how it's done...

12th December - Phase 2 - Following a day of snow on site, the steelwork goes up on and the structure really begins to take shape...

9th January - Phase 2 - With the Christmas break over, work is underway cutting out the floor in the new restaurant...

18th January - Phase 2 - The restaurant building is really starting to take shape with the first floor starting to be installed...

Site Plans

The Site Plan
 A side view of the new Cafe

The new Garden Centre entrance


A side view of the new Cafe