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The Garden Shop

Spilling the beans - a day in the life of a Garden Centre owner

Do you follow rules when planting your garden? Tammy revisits her garden design training but is pleasantly surprised by what nature has delivered too...
With the Millbrook annual Rose Festival starting this week, Tammy shares her thoughts on roses - are they a plant whose appeal grows with age?!
When you hear the term 'pester power' you'll probably think sweet treats but think again... this week Tammy was surprised by what she heard the children of Crowborough were pestering their parents for...
We thought the weather was bad last month but with big highs and lows this month it seems that climate change is becoming increasingly real and presenting a challenge for gardeners. In this week's blog, Tammy looks at how we will have to garden in the future to adapt to the challenges we face.
As signs of Spring finally arrive, Tammy reflects on what has been a challenging start to the gardening season.
Last week marked the 39th Birthday of Millbrook Garden Company and with Tammy away for a few days, her Mum, Sue, has put pen to paper as she looks back to the very first day at Millbrook back in 1979.