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2 Year Guarantee

All hardy plants, trees and shrubs purchased from Millbrook Garden Centres come with a 2 year guarantee.


Out and about in the garden

Give your lawn a mow with the blades set high and re-seed any bare patches

  Keep on top of the weeds as the little rascals start to grow

Plant Summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Gladioli and Lillies and fill gaps with pots of ready planted Spring bulbs like Tulips

  Make sure your herbaceous plants have plenty of support as they grow

In the veg patch

Spread compost and other manure ready for the early crops

  Plant onion sets, shallots & garlic in well drained soil, somewhere sunny.

Sow herb and vegetable seeds or buy baby plants for a head start in the veg patch

  Feed brassicas with a high nitrogen fertiliser to keep the green coming

  Plant of the moment - Alpines many to choose from



We love them because...

 - they're easy to grow

 - many varieties are evergreen and if you select carefully, you can have flowers all year

 - they're great for attracting bees and butterflies into your garden