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2 Year Guarantee

All hardy plants, trees and shrubs purchased from Millbrook Garden Centres come with a 2 year guarantee.


Out and about in the garden

Summer bedding plants are ready to be planted into hanging baskets, pots and flower beds.Still watch out for late frosts though.
  Start to mow your lawn weekly

Watch out for Greenfly and Blackfly on growing plants and treat them quickly

  Chipped bark can help supress weeds and retain water in the soil.

In the veg patch

Plant out plenty of herbs and salad seeds every 3-4 weeks for harvesting throughout the summer

  Watch out for slugs & snails!

  Plant of the moment - Lavender ...enjoy the fantastic fragrance!

A low growing aromatic shrub with silvery leaves and a variety of shades of purple, aromatic flowers. Lavender is perfect for growing in pots, in clumps in the front of a border or can be used for dwarf hedging.


Things we love about lavender... 
 - Sweetly scented flowers in a range of colours from deep purple to pale pink
 - Fantastic for attracting bees, butterflies and beneficial insects
 - Easy to grow in a sunny spot and looks good all year round 

Lavender will thrive best in a sunny position in well drained soil. Remove flower stalks when blooms fade and prune back as hard as required, but always ensure that there are some small green shoots visible below where you have cut.