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2 Year Guarantee

All hardy plants, trees and shrubs purchased from Millbrook Garden Centres come with a 2 year guarantee.


Out and about in the garden

Plant new shrubs and trees to get their roots established before the warmth goes from the soil.
  It's not too late to plant spring flowering bulbs

Don't forget to feed the birds and make sure that there's always a supply of fresh water in the cold weather

  Regularly rake up fallen leaves and store them to make leaf mould and
compost prunings as you tidy the borders

In the veg patch

Continue to harMaplesvest apples, pears, and plums as well as marrows and pumpkins

  Tidy up old foliage and runners on strawberry beds

  Plant of the moment - Acers - Japanese Maples
Graceful small trees to make your garden come alive in the Autumn!

Things we love about Acers... 

 - Fiery leaf colour every autumn

 - Great for growing in pots

 - Best grown in a sheltered spot