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2 Year Guarantee

All hardy plants, trees and shrubs purchased from Millbrook Garden Centres come with a 2 year guarantee.


Out and about in the garden

Time to start to plan some Spring colour and plant some Spring flowering bulbs.
    Prune late-summer flowering shrubs.!

As the weather cools, you can repair patchy lawns with seed or turf (also a good time to seed or turf new lawns) and give them an Autumn feed after the Summer wear and tear .

In the veg patch

Clear the last remnants of crops that have finished in the veg patch and dig over the soil. A layer of mulch will add organic matter and slow down the weeds.


  Plant Spring cabbages, Autumn onion sets and new strawberry plants

Harvest time! Harvest the many crops you've been growing including those apples and pears

  Dig up any remaining potatoes

  Plant of the moment - Orchid

Our most popular houseplant, covered in bright, butterfly-shaped flowers

Things we love about Orchids... 

 - Will flower for months at a time

 - Wide range of colours available, including spotty and stripey

 - Can be easily coaxed back into flower with regular feeding