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The Garden Shop


  • We work with the Carbon Trust to develop a plan to measure and reduce our carbon emissions
  • Energy Champions monitor energy usage, encourage saving and identify and deal with heavy usage
  • We actively update our equipment and fit PIR sensors, low energy fittings, and auto switch off plugs where appropriate
  • We consider all forms of renewable energy, for instance biomass boiler, solar and wind generation and aim to generate 25% of our energy need through renewables by 2015
  • Any new development is built to be as energy efficient as possible
  • We actively insulate and double glaze buildings where possible to reduce energy use
  • We use an energy supplier that is investing in renewable sources
  • Any new vehicles are fuel efficient and in low CO2 tax band
  • All drivers are trained to drive efficiently to save fuel
  • We ensure that we car share for journeys between sites and other locations and encourage customers and staff to use public transport, bike or walk
  • We use video conferencing or Skype technology to reduce the number of journeys between our Millbrook garden centres