Christmas decoration themes 2019

We’re so excited to reveal our Christmas decoration themes for 2019 and announce that our Christmas shop is OPEN!

Take a look below for a peek at some of the stunning decorations we have this year and the 5 key looks for the season.

A glorious, rich, opulent, Oriental theme full of cherry blossom, red, purple, gold and turquoise. Lavish your tree with bejewelled birds and insects, including peacocks, butterflies, flamingos and parrots.

Get the look!
1. Floristry extends out from the tree, softening the edges.
2. Nothing is plain on this tree – think ornate everything!
3. Birds and butterflies rest on the branches and are bejewelled and dazzling.

Key items
Metal diamond battery-operated lights, £12.99
Gold-coloured bird cages, £29.99
Gold pineapples, £29.99

This year’s fun, traditional theme, featuring red, green, gold and wool white colours. Fill your tree with nutcracker figurines which are symbols of good luck, plus ribbons and bows to create this look.

Get the look!
1. Red and tartan ribbons add softness to the spiky branches.
2. Give large Nutcracker toys pride of place.
3. Think big with your decorations – outsized items make this theme stand out!

Key items
Cherry compact twinkle lights, £49.99
Nutcracker toy, from £8.99
Red, gold and green jewel decoration, £7.99

Sparkly and opulent, this theme conjures up a snowy, Nordic scene with the Northern Lights playing overhead. Choose ice white, pewter, bronze, dark blue and silver colours, alongside pale wood, fake fur throws, icicles and snowflakes.

Get the look!
1. A dusting of snow is key to this look, so choose a frosted tree, or get a real tree flocked!
2. Silver glitter and white snow berry foliage peeks out from inbetween the branches.
3. Let friendly little brush animals make their homes in the tree.

Key items
Sparkle tree lights in cool white, £39.99
Warm white LED lit snowflake, £15.99
Fabric-covered wooden snowflake, £3.99
Brush animals, £5.99

Pirouette into our fantastical ballet theme featuring swans, fake fur, feathers, tassels, flying unicorns and angels in iridescent pastel pinks, creams, silver and gold.

Get the look!
1. Twist the microlights around bottles before putting on the tree for the twirly light look.
2. Choose contrasting textures, such as scratchy glitter and floaty feathers.
3. Mix matt and gloss metallics with shades of pink.

Key items
Warm white sparkle tree lights, £39.99
Crown light, £19.99
Cinderella carriage, £5.99
Flying unicorns, £9.99

Think diamond motifs and sparkle for this giftware theme at our Gravesend store only! Look out for key colours red, silver, white, turquoise and pale pink.

Get the look!
1. Turquoise is key in this look – choose shades of blue and green to complement.
2. Add diamondesque sparkles with glitter and sequins.
3. Ice white adds contrast with eye-catching but subtle lights.

Key items
Micro-LED cluster lights, £19.99
Turquoise and green glitter sprig, £11.99
Clear droplet jewels, £2.99