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Millbrook Growers Talks 

Grow your gardening knowledge and meet like-minded people at our monthly gardening club talks, The Millbrook Growers.

Our Millbrook Growers talks offer hints and tips to get your garden growing; perfect for putting into practice when you get home. Tickets cost £7.50 and include refreshments. 

More Garden Impact for Less Effort with Alison Marsden - Thursday 6th February, 10.30am

Whether you spend all weekend in the garden or just squeeze in the odd hour, everyone deserves a great garden.  Gardening guru, Alison Marsden, explains how to create a year round display that you can confidently look after without compromising the look that you love.

Sowing Seeds with Caroline Halfpenny - Thursday 5th March, 10.30am

As the growing season begins, Caroline will share with you the wonders of a seed and the promise it holds, look into germination and how to break dormancy, explain techniques for sowing and provide you with the knowledge and understanding to enable successful results in seed sowing.  

Clematis for the Year-Round Garden with Kevin Tooher - Thursday 2nd April, 10.30am

RHS lecturer Kevin Tooher, returns to Millbrook with an illustrated talk on one of gardeners most popular plants, the clematis. Kevin will show you how to plant, prune and generally get the best out of these beautiful plants both in pots and in the ground.

Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control with Ian Bedford - Thursday 7th May, 10.30am​

Over recent years a rapid decline in insect numbers has been occurring, particularly with important pollinators such as bees and bumblebees.  Leading entomologist, Ian Bedford, returns to Millbrook to explain how anyone who has a garden, patio pots, or even a window box, could help the environment by providing suitable plants for the wildlife and by controlling plant pests in ways that do not harm the beneficial wildlife. 

Perfect Partners for Roses with Neil Miller - Thursday 4th June, 10.30am

Hever Castle's head gardener, Neil Miller, will present an illustrated talk on roses. Neil will teach you how to get the best out of your roses, suggest perfect partners for these beautiful blooms and how he manages to present over 4000 roses at Hever Castle to the highest possible standard!

Please note, in the event you are unable to attend your booking we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds, however, we will try to accommodate you with an alternative session (subject to availability).

Millbrook Growers Gravesend
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