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2 Year Guarantee

All hardy plants, trees and shrubs purchased from Millbrook Garden Centres come with a 2 year guarantee.

About us

Millbrook began in 1979, thanks to Dick and Sue Allen, an entrepreneurial couple who bought a piece of land in Crowborough and weren’t sure what to do with it…

  It was a time when garden centres were just becoming popular, and so, despite their lack of plant or gardening knowledge, they decided to open a garden centre.

Dick initially continued his work with Seeboard, while Sue (and two daughters under the age of 5!) started the business from three small leaky greenhouses and a summer house (the office). This soon changed as it became apparent that Dick was needed in the garden centre and he joined Sue full time.

By 1988 the business had grown and a new ‘proper’ garden centre was built.

In 1994, now experts, Dick and Sue bought a six acre field on the edge of the A2 just outside Gravesend, and their second garden centre was built, much bigger than Crowborough and on a flat piece of land – a real treat after the challenges of the steep Crowborough site.

  Sadly, in 1997 Dick died, leaving Sue to run the business. With her daughters now in their early twenties, eldest daughter Tammy (who had vowed never to work for the family business) came back for a year to help out. She got the bug and decided to forgo her career in geology in favour of Millbrook. 

In 2009, Tammy took over from Sue as Managing Director and in 2013 Millbrook acquired its third centre in Staplehurst.

Today, the Board of Directors is still very much family based, with Sue the Chairman, Tammy the Managing Director, Ben (Tammy’s husband) the Finance Director, Sue’s younger daughter, Kirsty, the Design Coordinator, and Tracey Bowler (after 20 years in the business almost family) the HR Director.

As a company, we are incredibly proud that we remain an independent family business and we hope that our staff and customers enjoy the family feel of Millbrook.