Peat Policy

Millbrook Peat Policy

The Millbrook Garden Company is concerned about the use of peat in horticulture on wildlife habitats and the release of carbon into the atmosphere. We are supportive of the research being done to find viable alternatives and are actively reducing the volume of peat being sold at Millbrook.

By 2024, we will no longer be selling peat in bagged products. To achieve this aim we now stock a peat-free alternative in every range of growing media.

We will only price promote peat-free compost.

Our staff are trained to support our customers to help them make informed choices and get the best results from growing peat free.

We actively encourage the use of non-peat products, such as manure and mulches, for general soil conditioning and planting.

89.7% of all litres of compost* sold year to date at Millbrook February 2022 was peat-free!

*Includes top soil and bark mulches, excludes 6X, Water Gels, Horticultural Grits, Vermiculite & Perlite