Sustainable Products Plan

Growing Media

  • By 2024 no peat in bagged products – create targets for reduction over the next 2 years
  • Create Education plan for team and customers to convert to peat free
  • Create promotional plan to encourage the sales of peat-free compost
  • By 2028 (Government target) no plants grown in peat-based compost
  • Encourage and monitor peat reduction by growers. Ask how much peat / how they are reducing
  • Actively choose and promote peat-free grown plants
  • Millbrook Designer Pots peat free for Spring 2022

Fertilisers and Chemicals

  • By 2024 we will remove from sale any chemicals or materials that are potentially harmful to the environment or human health.
  • Highlight and promote environmentally-friendly alternatives, plan layouts and space allocation accordingly to educate customers and maintain revenue.
  • Assess the use of chemicals by our growers.

Pesticides / Insecticides

  • By 2022 no indiscriminate insecticides sold
    • What active ingredients are in each product?
    • Assess as Red / Amber / Green in terms of impact


  • No glyphosphate based products sold from 2022
  • No Evergreen Complete or 4 in 1 lawn care sold by 2022 / 2023
  • Assess active ingredients in all weedkillers as red / amber / green and impact

Fungicides / Cleaners / Pool Chemicals / Paints

  • Assess active ingredients in all products as red / amber / green and impact to agree future ranging


  • Phase out single use plastics in the garden – for example plant pots, propagation, plant labels, floristry oasis from 2022. Assess current range to agree list of products
  • Source replacement products for above plus alternatives to plastic for weedstop fabric, artificial grass.
  • Aim for plastic products /packaging to be made of recycled material & fully / readily recyclable


  • Source local or UK made products where possible. As alternatives to core range.  Plan layouts to promote and highlight these products.