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27 Apr 2015
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Bedding plants grown in peat free compost
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Bedding plants get even greener at Millbrook

Bedding plants have been popular since Victorian times, providing Summer gardens with a quick, easy to grow splash of colour for beds, borders and containers.

Bedding plant growers are always searching for new varieties and improvements in the quality of the plants to pass on to their customers. In addition, the environmental impact of the extraction of peat has been highlighted with the Government target to phase out peat from compost by 2020. Our bedding plant grower has spent a long time researching and developing different peat-free compost mixes after being set the challenge by two high profile National trust gardens who insist on organic, peat-free bedding.

Well, they have done it!   It’s been a struggle to develop a good, well balanced compost whereby you can get the same results as growing in peat based compost, and to be completely organic is a big step forward. The resulting compost has been proven to show plant growth that is very uniform with very quick rooting. It also contains a brand new, slow release, completely organic fertilizer which gives 100 days plus longevity from purchase.

As well as the organic fertilizer, the compost is made up of 75% coir, 15% composted bark and 10% composted green waste and to complete the package the plastic trays the bedding plants are grown in are completely recyclable.

So, we are pleased to announce that this season, Millbrook Garden Centre will stock pack bedding plants grown in a totally organic, peat free compost, with recyclable plastic trays, at no extra charge to the customer. For a large grower to take on such a big change is a great step forward and Millbrook are happy to embrace it.  These Bedding plants are available at Millbrook for just £3.49 each, and Millbrook family members can buy 4 get the 5th pack free.   24 Pack bedding are £5.99 per pack and again our Millbrook family members can get 2 packs for £10.

Development of an organic, peat-free compost that growers can rely on has to be good, not only for the plants but for the planet too!

To find out more about the Millbrook environmental policy click here.


Karl says
08 Jun 2015
Thanks Michael - we do our best! 
Karl says
08 Jun 2015
Thanks Michael - we do our best! 
michael simmons says
20 May 2015
Again another smart idea from the people at millbrook garden centre who offer
Great value  for money and are always willing to give advice.


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