How to look after your Christmas Tree

Our premium grade, British-grown Christmas trees are guaranteed to spruce up your festive home and garden! Sourced from sustainable growers in Scotland, and closer to home in Surrey, our trees are cut as late as possible to ensure their freshness.  

Like any natural product, it's important to care for your tree so it looks magical throughout the 12 days of Christmas and beyond. Read on for our top tips, then pop in-store from 23rd November to pick your perfect Millbrook tree!

Cut Tree care 

  • If you’re not decorating your tree straight away keep it standing outside, and if possible, submerge the cut end in water.
  • Before bringing your tree indoors, give it a gentle shake to discard any loose needles. 
  • If you can, cut 2cm off the end of the tree trunk. This will help the tree to drink and it will last longer as a result. 
  • Locate away from direct heat sources such as radiators and fires, and also draughts. This will stop your tree drying out too quickly. 
  • Secure your tree in a water holding stand for ultimate freshness. Just like houseplants cut trees get thirsty so remember to keep the water topped up! 
  • After Christmas make sure to recycle, compost or shred your tree to avoid it going to landfill, or cut it up to make a fragrant wood stack for bugs and other wildlife in your garden. 

Potted tree care 

Potted trees aren’t just for Christmas. Invest in one of these young trees and with the right care you will see it grow year on year. A great Planet Positive choice!

  • As with cut trees keep your new potted friend outside until you are ready to decorate it. 
  • Good drainage is important. Place it on a saucer and use the finger test to check if it needs a drink. 
  • Stick to lightweight decorations - don’t overload your little tree with heavy ornaments. 
  • After Christmas transfer your tree back outside to add some evergreen cheer to your garden, patio or balcony. 
  • Top tip from our Plant Manager Dan! If you're tempted to plant it in the ground, repot it into a slightly larger pot first. Then plant the whole pot in the soil. This will restrict root growth and make it easier to extract your tree next Christmas. 
  • Your potted tree will continue to grow, so make sure to transfer it to a bigger pot year after year. 

Pop into Millbrook from 23rd November to pick your perfect Christmas Tree. Choose from our selection of premium, British-grown Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce and Nordmann Fir (4ft to 8ft) and pretty potted trees!  Don't forget to tag us in your Christmas tree photos #magicalmillbrookchristmas.


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