Hygge your home with houseplants

Hygge your home with houseplants

Hygge your home with houseplants

Have you heard about Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah)? It’s a Danish word that can’t be literally translated, but basically means instilling a feeling of wellbeing and cosiness. With the miserable weather, long, dark nights and no more bright and beautiful decorations to cheer us up, it’s certainly time to embrace such a concept and boost your spirits with some beautiful houseplants. Think snuggling up in front of a fire wearing thick, woolly socks, hands wrapped around a hot drink and a cosy throw over your lap. You’ll be surrounded by things that bring happiness and improve your environment, such as scented candles – scent can boost your mood – and, of course, houseplants which improve the air quality and help you reconnect with nature.

There are some fantastic hero houseplants that can have a really positive impact on your space, particularly if your house is feeling a little bare now that the Christmas tree has gone. They’re also brilliant for people who don’t have much space, or renters as you can take your plants with you if you move. Take a look below for a selection of wonderful Hygge houseplant ideas…


These are perfect Hygge plants. They have smooth, clean lines, are visually uncluttered and unfussy and are very easy to look after. Aloe Veras like to be dry and warm as they’re native to tropical areas. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.

A frame of succulents

If you have limited surface space, but would still love the visual and emotional benefit of a houseplant, this frame is the answer. Simply fill it with plants such as Aloe Vera, or jade plants or cacti and place on the wall. The natural wooden frame adds to the feeling of Hygge and reconnecting with the outside world from the inside. This one is £14.99 and comes complete with the 3 plants inside.

Spathiphyllum – Peace Lily

Originally from the rainforests of South America, the Peace Lily is perfect for a light or shady spot, and likes to have wet feet, so give it plenty of water. In return, it will keep producing its white flowers throughout the year, particularly if you remove the old flowers when they turn green. As an added bonus, NASA has identified them as one of the best plants for removing impurities and toxins from the air, leaving healthier air for you to breathe.

Schefflera – Umbrella plant

This is the easiest plant to care for and can be left to grow into a tall and elegant plant to fill a corner, or kept clipped short and bushy to live on a table or desk. It asks for very little attention, but will be at it’s best if you water it once or twice a week, and give it a feed with a houseplant fertilizer once a month. Happy in sun or shade, you need one in your home.

Phalaenopsis – Moth Orchid

Beautiful butterfly-shaped flowers which last for months at a time, available in a wide range of colours and patterns, often spotty or stripey – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Likes a bright spot out of direct sun, water it by dunking its roots in rain or filtered water every week. Will be happiest if you can mist it regularly, particularly when the central heating is on over winter.

Sansevieria – Mother-in-law’s tongue 

Not big on watering your houseplants? This indestructible desert plant, which is having a bit of a fashion moment right now, is for you. Loves dry heat, so copes really well with central heating, and generally being left to its own devices. It has striking architectural good looks and is one of the best plants for adding oxygen into your home as well.


These easy to grow plants have beautiful lush leaves, with a range of textures, from the frilly Bostons to the delicate Maidenhairs. They are best out of direct sunlight, and prefer a damp soil. Mist your fern regularly as they like a humid environment – great for kitchens and bathrooms. Again, great at oxygenating your home.

There are many benefits to keeping houseplants, here are just a few that made us smile:

  • They assist in breathing as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen
  • They help deter illness by increasing the moisture in the air
  • By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, they help clean the air
  • They make you happy by contributing to a sense of wellbeing
  • They help you work better by helping you to focus better

Let there be light (and scent)

A flickering flame, coupled with relaxing, warming scents will add to the feeling of cosiness and wellbeing in your home. Choose fragrances such as ginger and musky, amber scents. As everyone’s sense of smell is different, mix and match your favourites with our Bolsius range of fragrant melts. Particularly ‘Hygge’ scents include vanilla, sandalwood, fig & pine needles, sugar & spice, winter dream and wild cranberry. The’re £3.49 for 8, £4.99 for 14 and £8.99 for 28.

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