Plant more trees!

Plant once and reap the rewards for years to come – that’s the beauty of a fruit or ornamental tree! They will also:

  • Make your garden beautiful
  • Provide homes for wildlife
  • Lock up carbon
  • Slow down flooding

Our pick of ornamental trees

Flowering Cherry Trees (Prunus) 
Renowned for magnificent blossoms that cover the branches in Spring. Many offer unique bark and brilliant Autumn colours too!

Crab Apple Trees (Malus)
Wonderful Spring blossom, as well as decorative Autumn fruits in different colours and sizes.

Maple Tree (Acer)
Vibrant foliage, distinctive leaf shapes and colours that change throughout the seasons. Acers are one of the best garden trees!

Our pick of the best fruit trees

Apple Tree  (Malus) 
There is nothing better than popping into the garden and picking your own apples. Choose a sunny spot in your garden!

Pear Tree (Pyrus) 
One of the easiest fruits to grow, pear trees crop heavily and the fruit tastes amazing! Eat them straight off the tree or use in puddings!

Plum Tree (Prunus)
Hardy and reliable, plum trees crop heavily and are mostly self fertile, making them ideal for any garden!

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