Protecting the planet

Small changes add up

As gardeners, we care about the environment. As a business we believe we have a responsibility to make changes where we can to try and protect the planet. We believe even small steps are important ones – from switching to paper straws, to sourcing non-plastic cutlery, to looking at the ingredients in the products we sell and their environmental impact.

Helping wildlife

Have you heard about Roseclear Ultra 2 and Bugclear Ultra 2? In 2018 we stopped stocking our best-selling products Roseclear and Bugclear because they contained neonicotinoids which are potentially harmful to pollinators, such as bees. Instead, we sell Roseclear Ultra 2 and Bugclear Ultra 2 which are neonic-free versions.





Biological pest control

For the organic or environment-conscious gardener, Neudorff’s Nematodes are biological rather than chemical pest control. Nematodes inject bacteria inside the pest’s body which kill the pest. Sounds a bit grim, but it’s actually the most natural way to kill any unwanted visitors in your garden. It’s also reasonably specific to the target pest so other wildlife isn’t affected.





Water recycling

We divert rainwater away from drains and transport it via a network of pipes into our storage tank. There, we filter it and pump it around our plant area, providing us with free, sustainable water. We mix our harvested water with mains water to provide the optimum pH for our plants.





No more plastic straws

From now we will not be stocking plastic straws for use with drinks purchased from our greencafés to reduce the harmful effects of plastic waste.





Use local suppliers where possible

Where possible we buy food for our greencafés and The Mill from local suppliers. For example, our ice cream is from Solley’s, a Kent-based company, where they source 85% of their ingredients locally. The milk and cream used in the ice creams comes directly from its farm and it’s all made on site. Sourcing local product reduces our carbon footprint and supports local businesses.