How to Care for your Lawn

Lawn care begins in Spring as the lawn starts to awaken after the Winter. This is the time to deal with moss and weeds, and to start mowing.


Be careful with your first few cuts of the year, ensure that you avoid cutting before a frost and don’t cut if the ground is too wet as your lawn will be delicate.

Set your mower blades on the highest setting and then gradually reduce the blade height. Don’t mow your lawn when the grass is wet as this will clog up the mower, or in a draught when your grass will be very delicate.

If you use an electric mower make sure you use a circuit breaker to stay safe.

Ensure your mower blades are sharp to ensure a clean cut.

Weeds and Moss

We’d recommend a product such as Westland After Cut All in One which can be applied a few days after you have cut your lawn. This will increase the nutrient levels of the grass and therefore kill off the moss. Once the moss starts to die you can rake it out and then re seed any bare patches.

Weeds can either be removed by hand or with a weed killer but if you opt for the latter ensure that it is specifically for lawns as otherwise it may kill your grass.


To keep your lawn looking fresh and lush, feed it twice a year in Autumn and Spring. In Autumn aerate your lawn using a garden fork to make a series of holes and then fill these with sand to create drainage channels.


If you have any patches in your lawn, it is best to deal with them in Spring or Autumn. Use a fork to break up the surface and then apply some grass seed, to do this evenly, put the seed into a plastic plant pot and shake the seeds out of the holes in the bottom. Rake the seed into the ground. You should expect to see the seed sprout within about 10 days.