How to: Plant a hanging basket

You can plant your Summer hanging basket any time from April onwards but beware of frosts!

You will need the following:

  • A lined hanging basket
  • A moisture control compost
  • Assorted Summer bedding plants
  • Water
  • A bracket to hang your basket from

Suggested plants:

  • Thriller – the centre piece of your basket! We like a bold Geranium for colour and structure
  • Filler – to compliment your ‘thriller’. We like a colourful and scented Nemesia
  • Spiller – to trail down the sides of your basket. We like a trailing Petunia

How to plant your basket…

  1. Choose your basket, if you’re re-using a basket make sure you have a new liner
  2. Fill your basket with a moisture control compost – due to its exposed, elevated position, hanging baskets are prone to drying out so this will help keep it as moist as possible
  3. Make holes in the compost and pop your plants in
  4. Fill in any gaps around he plants with compost and give your basket a good water

Once in place, water regularly and feed with a Miracle Gro Performance Organics All Purpose Plant Food every week or so.