January Gardening Jobs

Gardening in January is the perfect way to start the year! Enjoy the health benefits of gardening, whilst preparing for Spring.

  • Dig over any areas of garden that haven’t already been prepared – we recommend an easy-to-clean Wilkinson Sword Steel digging spade or fork.
  • Plant deciduous hedging. We have a great range available including Beech, Hornbeam, Hazel and Blackthorn (Sloe).
  • Spread organic matter generously over beds and borders and let the rain (and worms) work it in for you!
  • Keep feeding the birds and make sure they have fresh water available – Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix is perfect for the Winter months.
Our pick of plants that are looking good in the garden this month
Winter Colour Collection
Winter Colour Collection

These plants have been selected to add colour and interest to a normally dreary time of year

Even though deciduous plants lose all their leaves, some species have coloured stems or unusual growth habits, adding architectural interest to beds, borders and containers.

Evergreen shrubs will hold onto their leaves throughout Winter, with glossy leaved varieties looking particularly good in Winter.

Some plants’ habit is to flower very early, almost seeming out of season. Deciduous plants will flower on bare stems, highlighting their showy flowers.